Veterinary Stem Cell & Laser Therapy: Advanced Therapy for Joint Conditions

stem cell therapy

The latest advances in stem cell therapy and laser therapy are available at Schertz Animal Hospital for the benefit of pets. Both procedures offer pain relief and faster recovery times for pets suffering from joint issues, and laser therapy offers heightened recovery times in multiple applications.

Cold Laser Therapy

The light energy of our cold laser interacts with a pet’s cells and encourages them to grow and divide quickly. We are able to use this property to encourage the cells at the site of a wound to grow and heal the wounded area.

The veterinarians of Schertz Animal Hospital use the cold laser therapy following surgeries to help recovery. We also use laser therapy to treat patients with arthritis and have seen fantastic results after just a few treatments. Restoring the mobility of pets has resulted in a much greater quality of life and has added years to the lives of pets who otherwise would have been crippled from the natural aging process that damages their joints.

Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are cells that have not “decided” what they are going to be. They may develop into muscle cells, bone cells, blood cells, or any other kind of cell in the body. There are different kinds of stem cells but the kind we use in veterinary stem cell therapy at Schertz Animal Hospital are taken from a sample of blood from the pet who will be receiving stem cell therapy.

Once the blood sample is taken from the pet, we spin it down in a machine called a centrifuge, which will concentrate the stem cells in the sample. We can then take those cells and give them back to the pet that they came from, putting them in the exact area where healing needs to take place—in a joint that has been damaged by arthritis.

The stem cells differentiate or become the specific kind of cell needed in the joint, and this allows the joint to heal quicker. We use stem cell therapy as one piece of an overall treatment process for arthritis, and it has proven to enhance the treatment process and bring the pet much-needed relief.

If you have any questions about our stem cell or laser therapy processes or believe your pet could benefit from these advanced procedures, please contact the knowledgeable staff and veterinarians of Schertz Animal Hospital.


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