Crazy Canines: Hyper Dogs and How to Handle Them

Having a dog is a rewarding experience. Schertz Animal Hospital appreciates how much (wo)man’s best friend does for our soul. There is even scientific research supporting the value of the human-animal bond!

As wonderful as they are, dogs can have some frustrating tendencies. Hyper dogs fall into the category of ‘hard-to-love’ at times. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have just as great a bond with them as with their more demure counterparts, though. Learning to live with a hyper dog is possible, and you may just find them the most endearing of all.


Navigating the No-Go: Surface Aversions in Dogs

Surface aversions in pets is a strange pet behavior.

No one likes something new, scary, or uncertain. Dogs are no different than the rest of us when it comes this mindset. It can, however, make for some frustrating situations when we fail to view the world from our pet’s perspective.

Whether you have an animal who won’t go outside in the wet grass, is terrified of your linoleum, or avoids your living room rug like the plague, surface aversions in dogs can be frustrating. Schertz Animal Hospital is happy to help you understand and navigate them a little better, though.