Better Than Before: Pet Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are for pets and pet owners

If you’re like us, your pets inspire you every day. Their unconditional love, boundless happiness, and ability to nap just about anywhere are all heartwarming parts of their character. And with the new year rolling in, it makes us wonder: are there resolutions we could make that are inspired by our pets?

The team at Schertz Animal Hospital put our collective minds together to think about what lessons our pets teach us on a regular basis, and we’re using those lessons as our new year’s resolutions this year. Here are are top picks for pet inspired New Year’s resolutions!

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How do New Pet Owners Figure it Out? Trial, Error, and a Few Tips From Us!

new pet ownersAdjusting to life as a new pet owner can be full of challenges. But at least there’s an adorable, loving, playful pet willing to endure the work with you, making all their little foibles more tolerable.

No two pets or owners are alike. However, every unique pair can benefit from some tried and true methods. Without these tips for new pet owners, a truly successful relationship may be harder won.


Pet Ownership Around the World

From the time our ancestors kept wolves for protection to the $50 billion dollar pet industry of today, it’s understood that pet ownership is something that’s integrated into our culture.

From food and shelter to grooming and supplies, pets require so much from us. The price tag of responsibly caring for a pet can add up fast. On the other hand, humans thrive from having pets and enjoy many physical and mental health benefits. We also don’t seem to mind providing our pets with the same luxuries afforded to human family members.

However, the concept of pet ownership differs from country to country, including which animals are most popular and general practices around veterinary care.