Dog Grooming at Home: A Little Goes a Long Way

Has your dog been looking a little…shall we say, shaggy, lately? It may be time for some dog grooming at home. Dog grooming at home can be enjoyable for both of you and can go a long way to supporting good health.

Grooming not only reduces shedding, it also keeps you in touch with your pet’s normal body condition. A regular once over allows you to better notice changes in weight, coat, and skin. In turn, you can seek advice and treatment earlier, resulting in better health for your beloved friend.


Splish-Splash: Giving Your Pet a Bath

Giving your pet a bath may not make the list of great ways to spend a Saturday morning, but bathing is important to skin and coat health (and helps eliminate that doggy smell). For most pets, a biweekly or monthly bath, along with daily brushing, is part of good pet care. Even our feline friends can benefit from the occasional bath!

However, before you panic, Schertz has step-by-step instructions to make giving your pet a bath a positive experience for everyone.


Is Bathing Your Pet Like a Day at the Spa?

pet bathingGiving the family dog an overly sudsy bath might be comedic gold in the movies, but the experience can also be fraught with frustration, fear, and overwhelming discomfort. Of course, you could wait until Fido gets sprayed by a skunk to figure out how to bathe him, but then you’d really have your work cut out for you! When it’s done well and with the right tools, bathing your pet can be an enriching, relaxing experience for both of you.


A Pain in the Rear: Anal Gland Problems in Pets

Veterinary consultationMany of us can identify the familiar stench of a skunk, but did you know your pet has anal gland sacs that can produce an equally strong aroma?

Anal sacs are found in the rectum and contain a liquid that’s secreted during bowel movements or when a pet is scared. This substance defines the animal’s presence and territory, acting as a type of stinky calling card for other animals.

While some creatures, like skunks, can intentionally spray or emit this fluid, our pets cannot. That’s why anal gland expression and health is so important. Continue…