Dogs and Wolves:  More Different Than They are Alike?

dogs and wolvesIt is arguably one of modern pet marketing’s most reliable angle:  put a picture of a wolf on about anything designed for the canine species and it is a hit. But how much does your Pomeranian really have in common with Canis lupus? Join Schertz Animal Hospital as we explore the differences and similarities between dogs and wolves.


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Mating Season – Your Female Dog and the Springtime

DogLoveFlowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and new life is beginning. And, if you have a female dog who has not been spayed, spring is also the time of year when many animals come into “season”, or have a heat cycle.

A female dog’s heat cycle, also called estrus, is the time when her body is ready to reproduce. Most dogs begin coming into heat between 6 and 12 months (earlier for small breeds, later for larger breeds) and typically have a heat twice yearly.

During their estrus period, dogs may have several or no signs. You may notice the following in your dog:

  • Becoming more anxious or other behavioral changes

  • Urinating more than normal Continue…