Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers to Buy Right Meow!

Gifts for cat lovers can include veterinary care for cats

Do you know someone who just loves cats? They might giggle over funny cat videos on replay for the thousandth time or beguile others with pictures of their favorite breed. They likely wear certain clothing with a decidedly feline motif, dress up at Halloween like Totoro or Felix, and fall asleep to the sound of purring.

Without a doubt, we all know someone like this (or, ahem, might be someone like this!), and we can’t help but be charmed. But what to get this unique person for the holidays? Look no further than our list of gifts for cat lovers!

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Lion at Heart: Understanding the Domestic Cat

domestic catWatching your cat in their natural habitat can be amazing. Even the most pampered housecat will spring into stealthy action when an errant mouse or a dastardly dust bunny comes into sight. That’s because the cats we welcome into our homes aren’t all that different from a lion or other big cat. Domestication does have some influence, but it’s truly incredible how much our kitty companions have retained from their untamed ancestors. Join Schertz Animal Hospital as we explore the similarities and differences between the domestic cat and its wild relatives.


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