Taking a Dip: Do Cats Hate Water?

The feline aversion to water is a widely accepted fact, but is it true? If it is, why do cats hate water? Understanding this nuance of feline behavior caught our attention. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

Not all cats hate water, and there are even some breeds, such as the Turkish Van cat and the Bengal cat, that actually like to swim. Still, most cats we know have a preference for not getting wet. Schertz Animal Hospital breaks down the basics, here. 


What Cat Tails Are Trying to Say

Whether we realize it or not, we convey a great many things simply by how we stand, walk, the position of our arms, and other subtle body language indicators.  The same is true in the animal kingdom, and humankind has learned a great deal via research on species-specific body language.

When it comes to cats, the tail is a fairly loud mouthpiece. Indeed, cat tails say a whole lot – we just have to know the right ways to listen.


Are There Truly Safe Pet Toys On the Market?

Pets need to be mentally stimulated throughout the day, and sometimes they make the oddest choices to burn off steam. Without the right toys to keep them busy, furniture, draperies, and shoes are among the most common victims of gnawing jaws and scratching paws, but we’ve heard that wallpaper and pillows are easy targets, too.

The point is, a pet that receives regular stimulation is a happy one. Now we just have to find safe pet toys that fit the bill!

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Owning a Cat is Fun, But Is It Actually Good for Your Health?

Cat ownership can improve your health

From their adorably, fluffy, whiskered faces to their cute little pink paws, cats are among the most beloved animals on earth. Need further proof? Over 2 million cat videos have been posted on YouTube since 2006, resulting in more than 24 billion views worldwide.

The numbers tell us that people love the silly, zany natures of cats, but did you know that owning a cat can actually benefit your health?