Happy Birthday! How to Throw An Amazing Birthday Party for Your Pet

Throwing a birthday party for your pet is a great way to celebrate pet adoption

If you’re like us, you love any chance to celebrate. And what better occasion to acknowledge than the birthday of a beloved pet? Birthday parties are always fun, and once you learn how to throw an amazing birthday party for your pet, you’ll be planning one every year from now on!

Schertz Animal Hospital has some great ideas about how to take your pet’s birthday party to the next level. From playful to extravagant, there are many ways to get the party started. So without further ado, here are our tips:


Is Cat Health Related to Cat Happiness? Absolutely!

Cat health is important for a happy cat. For people, the link between health and happiness is sacrosanct. That is, in order to be truly happy, we have to be healthy – and vice versa. The same is absolutely true for cats. Indeed, for them to be at their healthiest, attention to emotional wellbeing is critical. Likewise, to be considered “happy,” they need to have all the boxes checked in the health department.

Your cat’s health is a top priority at Schertz Animal Hospital. To that end, let’s celebrate Happy Cat Month with a refresher on cat health! Continue…

Essential Oils, a Leading Cause of Pet Poisoning Cases

Brown bottle of essential oil with dropperWhether it’s laundry detergent, air freshener, perfume, or cologne, we are exposed to various scents wherever we go. Some people really like it, others are allergic, and the same goes for our furry friends. Most fragrances aren’t toxic to pets, but products containing essential oils have a potent mix of dangerous substances. The public has widely embraced diffusers, but less is known about their potential place in the case of a pet poisoning.

Good for Health

Essential oils have long been touted for their healing properties. Anxiety, depression, and more can be relieved with some relaxing scents, while other oils can have a rejuvenating or energizing effect on people.

Derived from plants, these highly concentrated oils are either distilled or cold-pressed. As a result, certain essential oils can have negative effects on animals exposed to them. Continue…

Want to Adopt a Cat? The Reality After the Choice

Orange and white cat in bright orange cageMost cat owners can recall the minute they first laid eyes on their cat. Yes, when a connection between human and feline is initially formed, it’s sort of a game changer. Life, as you knew it, was altered by a cute, playful fluffball.

Sometimes, a person sees enough funny cat videos online to seal their fate as a future cat owner. It happens! No matter what, though, the choice to adopt a cat is a big one that comes with many considerations.  

Do You Value Sleep?

Cats make great pets, but you have to get used to their schedule. Crepuscular in nature, cats enjoy raising a ruckus during the hours surrounding dawn and dusk. That doesn’t mean they always wake you up at 2 a.m. with a wild case of the zoomies, but before you adopt a cat, we recommend being open to a new way of seeing the clock. Continue…