Is Cat Health Related to Cat Happiness? Absolutely!

Cat health is important for a happy cat. For people, the link between health and happiness is sacrosanct. That is, in order to be truly happy, we have to be healthy – and vice versa. The same is absolutely true for cats. Indeed, for them to be at their healthiest, attention to emotional wellbeing is critical. Likewise, to be considered “happy,” they need to have all the boxes checked in the health department.

Your cat’s health is a top priority at Schertz Animal Hospital. To that end, let’s celebrate Happy Cat Month with a refresher on cat health! Continue…

Fostering Pets Can Be The Best Thing Ever

Fostering pets in need of adoption can help!Have you ever considered fostering a pet? Perhaps you’ve already been down this road, or maybe you’ve never heard of such a thing. Fostering a pet is very rewarding for the foster family, the pet, and the shelter or rescue organization. Schertz Animal Hospital has lots of reasons why this endeavor could warm your heart while giving a needy pet their greatest opportunity for a happy life.

What is Fostering a Pet?

First things first. Pet fostering means that you temporarily provide a home for shelter or rescue animals for a variety of reasons. Most of the time the fostering commitment is until the pet finds a forever home. Fostering a is crucial component of the pet rescue world, as some shelters and most rescue organizations have limited shelter space. Continue…

New Dog Owner Tips from the Experts at Schertz Animal Hospital

The excitement of being a new dog owner can be wonderfulSo, you’ve decided to adopt a dog. Congratulations! You are probably overflowing with excitement as you picture the joy and fun a canine companion will bring to your life. Becoming a dog owner for the first time is an important life decision, and your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital want it to be as wonderful as possible.

Check out our new dog owner tips that will help you and your furry friend adjust to life together.

Getting Ready

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is the time and energy you spend preparing for your dog’s arrival. Dogs add a significant amount of time, energy expenditure, commitment, frustration, and expense to your life, so it’s important to think things through ahead of time.

Educate yourself on how much you can expect to spend on vet bills, food, and supplies over the life of your pet. Research various breeds, and be honest with yourself about the time and energy you have available for a new pet. Continue…

Having Kittens? Your Guide to Your Furry Bundles of Joy

having kittensAh, the miracle of life! At Schertz Animal Hospital, we think that what makes life even more wonderful is when you are expecting little, fuzzy faces and whiskers!

Cats are pros at having kittens, but when it is your cat having them, it is only natural to be a little apprehensive about the whole process. Understanding feline gestation and the process of having kittens can help you feel more confident and steer clear of any mishaps.