Taking Flight: New Airline Rules for Pets

If you’ve traveled with your pets – whether by plane or by car, you know how important it is to be prepared and to travel safely. We routinely provide health certificates and counsel our clients on airplane and car travel for pets.

But recently, a series of pet deaths while flying has prompted United Airlines to make some changes to their policies for pet airline travel, which is why we are taking this opportunity to revisit pet travel safety as well as the new airline rules for pets.

First Things First

Airline travel for pets can be inherently dangerous. If you have plans to travel by plane with your pet, please come in for an exam well in advance so that we can talk about how to prepare. Continue…

First Mate: Our Guide to Fishing with Your Dog

Fishing with your dog is a lot of fun if your know outdoor pet safetySpending some quality hours on the lake with man’s best friend and a fishing pole sounds wonderful to many of us! But not every dog is cut out for this lazy lifestyle. Knowing how to be sure that your dog is safe while casting your pole is important. Schertz Animal Hospital has some tips to help fishing with your dog be an enjoyable experience.

Hazards of Fishing with Your Dog

As with many activities, knowing what hazards to look out for is half the battle. Understanding what challenges and dangers dog owners face when angling can help to make fishing with your dog a good experience for all.

Consider the dangers involved with: Continue…

Homeopathic Pet Remedies: Too Good or Too Good to Be True?

Dog mouth with excellent white teethPeople are more aware than ever before of their medical options, and pet care is not excluded from this. Owners are continually seeking out different opinions and options for their pet’s care. Many have turned to homeopathy in their quest for new solutions for their pet’s problems.

Homeopathy is not a new thing. It was first created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, who believed that if something caused symptoms of a disease in healthy people, it would cure people with that particular disease.

Today, homeopathic pet remedies abound. If you spend some time doing a web search, chances are that you won’t have any trouble finding a few dozen alternative “cures” for whatever ails your pet. Just because these options are out there, though, doesn’t make them effective or even safe. Keep reading to learn more about homeopathic pet remedies and what you need to know. Continue…

Oh, The Places You’ll Go: Memorable Pet Travel Destinations

AllPets_iStock_000000915050_LargeYour intrepid pet may be ready to cross state borders again, but where should you go this time around? There are so many incredible pet travel destinations across our country, it can almost be an accomplishment to simply decide where to make all those sweet, relaxing, and playful memories.

To make it easier for you and your pet, we’ve done some of the legwork to get you one paw closer to the fun times you both crave – and deserve. Continue…