Hypoallergenic Pets: Is it a Myth, or Not?

We’ve all heard the stories of hypoallergenic pets  – dogs or cats who purportedly can live in harmony with pet allergy sufferers due to their lack of shedding/dander. Shying away from pet ownership due to allergies is a reality for so many animal lovers, but are hypoallergenic pets just another marketing ploy aimed at taking our money? The team at Schertz Animal Hospital investigates. 

Are There Really Hypoallergenic Pets?

Pet allergies stem from an allergic reaction to an animal’s saliva, which dries and becomes airborne when fur or dander is shed. Even furless pets produce dander, so there technically aren’t any 100% hypoallergenic pets. There is anecdotal evidence that certain breeds can be easier to live with for some allergy sufferers, including:


Is It Really Possible to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental?

For pet owners that don’t own homes, rental units are the only way to go. With about half of all renters living with pets, there’s at least 30% of all renters that would adopt pets if they were allowed.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for pet owners to secure a pet-friendly rental, but with our tips you can score your next place without too much trouble.

Changing Perceptions

While offering a pet-friendly rental to the public can seem like a dicey move to landlords, it can actually be a great investment. Generally speaking, responsible pet owners are among the most caring, considerate, and conscientious people out there. Plus, the vacancy rate dwindles when pet owners move in. Indeed, renters with pets have a lower move-out rate, do not break leases as often, and tend to keep communal areas in tip-top shape. Everybody wins!


Tea Cup Vs. Giant Dog Breeds: The Right Choice May Go Beyond Personal Preferences

For many dog owners and lovers, all dogs are created equal. They are all adorable, wonderful, and deserving of loving, forever homes.

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of canine adoptions happen sort of haphazardly. Prospective dog owners may be talked into adoption by well-meaning family members or friends. But without extensive research or consideration, certain dog breeds may not be right for your specific situation.

Whether pint-sized or king-sized, it’s essential to find the right match for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

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Owning a Cat is Fun, But Is It Actually Good for Your Health?

Cat ownership can improve your health

From their adorably, fluffy, whiskered faces to their cute little pink paws, cats are among the most beloved animals on earth. Need further proof? Over 2 million cat videos have been posted on YouTube since 2006, resulting in more than 24 billion views worldwide.

The numbers tell us that people love the silly, zany natures of cats, but did you know that owning a cat can actually benefit your health?