The Most Difficult Decision: Knowing When to Say Goodbye to a Pet

pet lossEvery night, he’s warmed the foot of your bed; each morning, he’s greeted you with a wagging tail and the leash, ready for another adventure…but for months now, things have been different. He no longer has the energy for those walks and often struggles with getting comfortable. He’s eating less. He’s spending more time alone…

Whether from the gradual progression of old age or from a sudden serious illness, there’s no greater turmoil in the heart of an owner when a pet is at the end of his or her life. This decision is among the toughest you will ever make, and it’s sometimes very hard to figure out when quality of life has been lost or the pain has become too great.

At Schertz Animal Hospital, we understand how hard this can be and want to help alleviate some of the burden when it’s time to say goodbye to a pet.


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When the Time Comes: How to Help a Friend Cope with Pet Loss

pet lossThe loss of a beloved pet is a day every pet owner dreads. The heart-wrenching ordeal is an inevitable part of pet ownership, but that fact doesn’t make it any easier to cope with such an enormous loss.

It can be difficult to know what to do or say to comfort a friend who is grieving the death of a pet. Helping someone grieve is an important part of a relationship, and can give you the opportunity to show a friend or family member how much you care. Check out our guidelines for helping a friend cope with pet loss.


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Dog on the Run: Dealing with Pets Who Like to Escape

Schertz_iStock_000004202082_LargeSo, this time you think you’ve fortified the backyard enough to keep out an army (or, rather, keep them in). And yet, come morning, your dog has managed to slip through a gap in the fence only a contortionist should be able to manage.

Pets who like to escape can be a major source of stress and worry for their understandably concerned guardians. Whether they are high jumpers or diggers, or simply have a knack for stealth escapes through a cracked door, there are ways to address the problem of escape artist pets. Continue…

Coping with Pet Loss

VeterinarianThe grief that accompanies pet loss can be immense and difficult to bear. Whether your pet’s passing was unexpected or the inevitable result of a long life well lived, the fact remains that you must now learn to live with the void that has been left after the loss of your family member and friend.

At Schertz Animal Hospital, we know how difficult it can be to lose a pet. As pet owners and pet health professionals, we know the pain you’re experiencing and the loss you’re feeling. It is our humble honor to help you through the grieving process, however we can.

September 14 is National Pet Memorial Day. And we hope that you will join the nation in celebrating the lives of lost pets by celebrating and memorializing the life of your beloved pet. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to grief, but we believe that taking the time to remember your pet and celebrate the life you shared together is an invaluable part of the healing process.

Here are a few ideas for memorializing your pet: Continue…

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