Yes, Your Dog’s Feet (Might) Smell Like Fritos – Here’s Why

An adorable puppy with its paws outstretched on a sofa looks at the camera

If you are like us, you love to cuddle and pet your dog. Studies show this helps us bond with our dog and is even good for our health. And, if you get close enough on a regular basis, you might notice a distinct odor emanating from your dog’s feet. 

Some owners describe this as a corn chips or Fritos smell. The question of why your dog’s feet smell like fritos has many owners wondering, what gives? Schertz Animal Hospital delves into the perplexing and strange smelling feet.

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Is Your Dog Protected From the Rapid Spread of Dog Flu?

There are presently two strains of canine influenza found in Texas: H3N2 and H3N8. First discovered in Florida in 2004, H3N8 previously only affected horses.

Originally an avian illness from Asia, it’s unknown how H3N2 initially spread throughout the Chicago area in March 2015. While both strains proliferate rapidly, only the H3N2 variety can also affect cats.

The good news is that with owner awareness, higher rates of vaccination, and other prevention tactics, we can all work together to contain the spread of dog flu.


The Reverse Sneeze and Other Wheezes that Honk in the Night

There can certainly be some strange noises that come from your pet. While anything out of the ordinary is likely to raise alarm, some unusual utterances can be quite normal. Others, however, are certainly cause for concern.

Thankfully for pet owners, Schertz Animal Hospital is here to help them discern that harmless reverse sneeze from more ominous issues.

The Reverse Sneeze

Perhaps the most common pet noise that owners worry about is the reverse sneeze. Thankfully, it is often totally normal!


Size Matters: The Truth About Pet Food Portions

While sticking to healthy pet food portions may sound easy, it can be more difficult than some owners anticipate. Many pets beg for food, and lots of people give in as a way to show their furry best friend affection. For others, it may seem really boring to feed their pet the same food at the same time every day. However, not only is it important to establish a routine for your pet, but feeding them the right type and quantity of food each day can increase their lifespan and quality of life.

Just Right

If you feed a pet too little, they may suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Too much food, and they can gain unnecessary weight. The health risks associated with even a few extra pounds include: