Hypoallergenic Pets: Is it a Myth, or Not?

We’ve all heard the stories of hypoallergenic pets  – dogs or cats who purportedly can live in harmony with pet allergy sufferers due to their lack of shedding/dander. Shying away from pet ownership due to allergies is a reality for so many animal lovers, but are hypoallergenic pets just another marketing ploy aimed at taking our money? The team at Schertz Animal Hospital investigates. 

Are There Really Hypoallergenic Pets?

Pet allergies stem from an allergic reaction to an animal’s saliva, which dries and becomes airborne when fur or dander is shed. Even furless pets produce dander, so there technically aren’t any 100% hypoallergenic pets. There is anecdotal evidence that certain breeds can be easier to live with for some allergy sufferers, including:


Taking a Dip: Do Cats Hate Water?

The feline aversion to water is a widely accepted fact, but is it true? If it is, why do cats hate water? Understanding this nuance of feline behavior caught our attention. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

Not all cats hate water, and there are even some breeds, such as the Turkish Van cat and the Bengal cat, that actually like to swim. Still, most cats we know have a preference for not getting wet. Schertz Animal Hospital breaks down the basics, here. 


Yes, Your Dog’s Feet (Might) Smell Like Fritos – Here’s Why

An adorable puppy with its paws outstretched on a sofa looks at the camera

If you are like us, you love to cuddle and pet your dog. Studies show this helps us bond with our dog and is even good for our health. And, if you get close enough on a regular basis, you might notice a distinct odor emanating from your dog’s feet. 

Some owners describe this as a corn chips or Fritos smell. The question of why your dog’s feet smell like fritos has many owners wondering, what gives? Schertz Animal Hospital delves into the perplexing and strange smelling feet.

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When do Hairballs Turn From Normal to Worrisome?

hairballsThere are “holidays” for almost everything these days. From “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” (September 19) to “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” (February 3), there’s an endless variety of things to celebrate.

The last Friday in April is just one of those days: National Hairball Awareness Day. You’d think with a country-wide drive to raise awareness about this issue, hairballs must be pretty normal, right? Without a doubt, hairballs come with the territory of owning a furry feline, but they can also signal something more serious.