Achieving a Super Smile: Do Pet Dental Products Really Work?

pet dentalThe Veterinary Oral Health Council endorses certain pet dental products that have undergone strict protocols for approval. Aimed to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth, these products can also be instrumental in keeping overall health at its peak. But when you look at the extensive list of chews, rinses, diets, and treats, which pet dental products are right for your pet?


Bad Breath in Pets and Other Signs of Dental Problems

Do you cringe when your precious pup wants to give you a big doggy kiss? Does your cat’s breath smell like last week’s tuna? Bad breath in pets is one of the most ubiquitous dental problems among animals, but did you know it’s more than just a foul smell? In fact, bad breath is often the first thing pet owners notice when dental disease is present.

Beyond Bad Breath in Pets: Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions, affecting more than two-thirds of all pets by the age of 3.


Pet Dental Exams: More Than Just a Pretty Smile

Puppy Getting His Teeth BrushedOne of the most overlooked yet important areas of pet health and longevity is the quality of dental health provided. And, yet many pet owners make the mistake of assuming that oral hygiene and pet dental exams aren’t as fundamentally necessary as something like vaccinations or diet.

Further to this, there are some misconceptions about what dental exams entail – are cleanings just to make teeth whiter, for example?

In order to help pet parents navigate these concerns, we’ll take a closer look at what dental exams are and why they are needed. Continue…

Diet and Pet Dental Health

Bowl of Dog FoodMany pet owners are interested in learning about different ways to keep their pet’s teeth clean and healthy. With most animals having some form of dental disease before the age of 3, this is a very important goal. In response to this need, there are a plethora of products on the market that claim to improve pet dental health. Some of these really do help, and others not so much. Sort through the fact and fiction before purchasing dental products for your pets.

The Dry Food vs. Wet Food Debate

There is a much perpetuated idea out there that feeding your pet hard kibble helps to prevent and decrease dental disease. While chewing on a crunchy food might help to remove plaque on the crown of the tooth, it does nothing about the plaque and tartar that build up near the gum line, which is the critical area for dental disease development. Continue…