Size Matters: The Truth About Pet Food Portions

While sticking to healthy pet food portions may sound easy, it can be more difficult than some owners anticipate. Many pets beg for food, and lots of people give in as a way to show their furry best friend affection. For others, it may seem really boring to feed their pet the same food at the same time every day. However, not only is it important to establish a routine for your pet, but feeding them the right type and quantity of food each day can increase their lifespan and quality of life.

Just Right

If you feed a pet too little, they may suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Too much food, and they can gain unnecessary weight. The health risks associated with even a few extra pounds include:


Meatless Meat Eaters: Is it Healthy for Dogs to Go Vegan?

It's not healthy for dogs to go vegan. Dogs are omnivores.

Food is a touchy subject for many people, and decisions about what to eat can be deeply personal. The choice to go vegan is no exception. The popularity of this diet has skyrocketed in recent years, with various celebrities, scientists, and food experts promoting it as the ideal option.

Proponents of veganism generally cite a concern over animal welfare and a desire for more vibrant health as the main reasons to choose a plant-based diet. This can lead to a real dilemma when it comes to buying commercial dog food with meat. It’s no surprise that many vegan dog owners are contemplating (or have already made the switch to) meat-free diets for their pets – but is it really safe for dogs to go vegan?


A Canopy of Colors and Danger: Fall Pet Safety You Can Count On

Fall pet safety is part of autumn outdoor fun with pets and pet exercise in the fall

When it comes to owning a pet, there are obvious dangers associated with each season. As we transition from summer into fall, the team at Schertz Animal Hospital wants to shift your attention from heat stroke and sun exposure to upcoming holiday hazards. With this review of fall pet safety, you and your best fur friend will be ready for whatever the season brings!

Leaf Piles are Dangerous?

While raking leaves isn’t exactly our idea of fun, it’s important to know what kind of risks are involved when it comes to your pet. Leaf piles can harbor all sorts of dangerous bugs, including spiders, ticks, centipedes, and even snakes. Dried leaves can also affect asthmatic pets, exposing them to high levels of mold. We recommend scooping up leaf piles as quickly as possible. Be sure to wear gloves, and store leaves securely until they can be disposed of properly.


Hiking Together? Don’t Forget a Pet First Aid Kit

Pet first aid is important when hiking with pets.Most dogs love the great outdoors, but sometimes their excitement can get them into trouble. Indeed, the smells, sights, and sounds are simply intoxicating to a dog’s finely-tuned senses, and the consequences of their experiential methods can range from minor to downright disastrous. What would do if your dog got hurt miles away from help? Having a pet first aid kit goes a long way, but it’s also critical to be well-versed in the art of backcountry preparation.

Before You Go

One of the best things you can do to ensure a safe hike with your dog is ascertain whether or not their health is up to it. We are happy to examine them and discuss possible issues they might experience while hiking, away from creature comforts, and fully exposed to the elements. Continue…