Crazy Canines: Hyper Dogs and How to Handle Them

Having a dog is a rewarding experience. Schertz Animal Hospital appreciates how much (wo)man’s best friend does for our soul. There is even scientific research supporting the value of the human-animal bond!

As wonderful as they are, dogs can have some frustrating tendencies. Hyper dogs fall into the category of ‘hard-to-love’ at times. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have just as great a bond with them as with their more demure counterparts, though. Learning to live with a hyper dog is possible, and you may just find them the most endearing of all.


Dog Nose Slits: What do They do?

A dog’s nose is truly a super power. The canine sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours. To get a visual of this, imagine a warehouse full of two million apples. A dog can smell the one bad apple in that warehouse and take you directly to it.

Dogs have also been trained to detect cancer cells, changes in body chemistry that indicate an oncoming seizure, drugs, toxic waste, and, of course, their favorite toy. What’s more, once they learn a smell, they remember it for a very long time.

What exactly about the canine nose makes it so special? One reason is dog nose slits. Have you ever noticed them and wondered what they are? Keep reading for more information about these powerful little features.  

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Is It Really Possible to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental?

For pet owners that don’t own homes, rental units are the only way to go. With about half of all renters living with pets, there’s at least 30% of all renters that would adopt pets if they were allowed.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for pet owners to secure a pet-friendly rental, but with our tips you can score your next place without too much trouble.

Changing Perceptions

While offering a pet-friendly rental to the public can seem like a dicey move to landlords, it can actually be a great investment. Generally speaking, responsible pet owners are among the most caring, considerate, and conscientious people out there. Plus, the vacancy rate dwindles when pet owners move in. Indeed, renters with pets have a lower move-out rate, do not break leases as often, and tend to keep communal areas in tip-top shape. Everybody wins!


What Cat Tails Are Trying to Say

Whether we realize it or not, we convey a great many things simply by how we stand, walk, the position of our arms, and other subtle body language indicators.  The same is true in the animal kingdom, and humankind has learned a great deal via research on species-specific body language.

When it comes to cats, the tail is a fairly loud mouthpiece. Indeed, cat tails say a whole lot – we just have to know the right ways to listen.