Are There Truly Safe Pet Toys On the Market?

Pets need to be mentally stimulated throughout the day, and sometimes they make the oddest choices to burn off steam. Without the right toys to keep them busy, furniture, draperies, and shoes are among the most common victims of gnawing jaws and scratching paws, but we’ve heard that wallpaper and pillows are easy targets, too.

The point is, a pet that receives regular stimulation is a happy one. Now we just have to find safe pet toys that fit the bill!

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We’re All Ears: Do Pets Like Music?

Do you play the radio for your dog while you’re at work during the day? Are you convinced that your cat prefers jazz over heavy metal? Maybe you’re at the other end of the spectrum, and you simply listen to whatever music you like without considering whether or not your pet has an opinion.

It’s just as easy to assume that pets like music as it is to assume they don’t really care. As it turns out, both scenarios may be true! Music can have varying effects on animals, so figuring out whether your pet enjoys music (and which genre they prefer) can be a valuable tool in your pet care arsenal.


Is Your Dog Protected From the Rapid Spread of Dog Flu?

There are presently two strains of canine influenza found in Texas: H3N2 and H3N8. First discovered in Florida in 2004, H3N8 previously only affected horses.

Originally an avian illness from Asia, it’s unknown how H3N2 initially spread throughout the Chicago area in March 2015. While both strains proliferate rapidly, only the H3N2 variety can also affect cats.

The good news is that with owner awareness, higher rates of vaccination, and other prevention tactics, we can all work together to contain the spread of dog flu.


Where You Shouldn’t Take Your Dog Swimming (and Safe Alternatives)

What could be better than a water-loving dog? Never short on enthusiasm, these pups will take to the water anytime, anyplace. Sprinklers, creeks, pools, and puddles are among their favorite spots to scamper and splash, but just because water makes them happy doesn’t mean it’s always safe. There could be hidden dangers floating on or around their preferred watering hole.

Taking your dog swimming or wading can still be a wonderful activity, as long as you keep some key safety strategies in mind.