Navigating the No-Go: Surface Aversions in Dogs

Surface aversions in pets is a strange pet behavior.

No one likes something new, scary, or uncertain. Dogs are no different than the rest of us when it comes this mindset. It can, however, make for some frustrating situations when we fail to view the world from our pet’s perspective.

Whether you have an animal who won’t go outside in the wet grass, is terrified of your linoleum, or avoids your living room rug like the plague, surface aversions in dogs can be frustrating. Schertz Animal Hospital is happy to help you understand and navigate them a little better, though.


Is Cat Health Related to Cat Happiness? Absolutely!

Cat health is important for a happy cat. For people, the link between health and happiness is sacrosanct. That is, in order to be truly happy, we have to be healthy – and vice versa. The same is absolutely true for cats. Indeed, for them to be at their healthiest, attention to emotional wellbeing is critical. Likewise, to be considered “happy,” they need to have all the boxes checked in the health department.

Your cat’s health is a top priority at Schertz Animal Hospital. To that end, let’s celebrate Happy Cat Month with a refresher on cat health! Continue…

Awareness of Service Dog Stereotypes

Service dog stereotypes can damage the important work they do for the people that need them.Service animals guide, listen, balance, and love. The services they provide increase independence, freedom, peace of mind, and friendship for their handlers. Some service animals help those with physical disabilities, such as those in a wheelchair. But did you know that service dogs also help people with disabilities that aren’t immediately apparent, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

National Service Dog Month is all about honoring these hard working animals and the handlers they serve. It’s also about helping the public to understand what service animals are, what they do, and why they are so important to the people who need them. Although it’s easy to appreciate the help a service dog offers someone in a wheelchair, studies show that people with invisible disabilities experience more discrimination that those whose disability is not obvious. Continue…

Fostering Pets Can Be The Best Thing Ever

Fostering pets in need of adoption can help!Have you ever considered fostering a pet? Perhaps you’ve already been down this road, or maybe you’ve never heard of such a thing. Fostering a pet is very rewarding for the foster family, the pet, and the shelter or rescue organization. Schertz Animal Hospital has lots of reasons why this endeavor could warm your heart while giving a needy pet their greatest opportunity for a happy life.

What is Fostering a Pet?

First things first. Pet fostering means that you temporarily provide a home for shelter or rescue animals for a variety of reasons. Most of the time the fostering commitment is until the pet finds a forever home. Fostering a is crucial component of the pet rescue world, as some shelters and most rescue organizations have limited shelter space. Continue…