Want to Adopt a Cat? The Reality After the Choice

Orange and white cat in bright orange cageMost cat owners can recall the minute they first laid eyes on their cat. Yes, when a connection between human and feline is initially formed, it’s sort of a game changer. Life, as you knew it, was altered by a cute, playful fluffball.

Sometimes, a person sees enough funny cat videos online to seal their fate as a future cat owner. It happens! No matter what, though, the choice to adopt a cat is a big one that comes with many considerations.  

Do You Value Sleep?

Cats make great pets, but you have to get used to their schedule. Crepuscular in nature, cats enjoy raising a ruckus during the hours surrounding dawn and dusk. That doesn’t mean they always wake you up at 2 a.m. with a wild case of the zoomies, but before you adopt a cat, we recommend being open to a new way of seeing the clock. Continue…

Expect the Unexpected with These Fun Outdoor Pet Activities

Summer is the season for fun, but sometimes, we forget that the best opportunities are right outside our back door. Sure, your pet may enjoy cruising around with you to other places, but there are many ways to find joy (not to mention entertainment and exercise) without ever leaving home. If you’ve been wondering what outdoor pet activities are right for you and your best friend, we’ve got you covered!

A Note on Heat

Texas temperatures make for a sizzling summer, and all pets deserve close and careful consideration of their needs. It’s vitally important that they remain cool, comfortable, and hydrated all summer long. Always ensure they have access to lots of shade, and watch out for any injuries to their delicate paw pads. Provide fresh, cool water all day, every day. Continue…

Funny Bones and Bow-HAHA! Do Pets Have a Sense of Humor?

Do pets have a sense of humor?When was the last time you heard your pet LOL? Probably never, but you may have had moments when your cat or dog did something goofy and almost seemed to smile. This begs the question: do pets have a sense of humor? The team at Schertz Animal Hospital set out for answers, and here’s what we found!

The Amazing World of Animal Emotions

No longer do we consider pets to have a limited range of emotions. Research has found that animals can experience complex emotions, such as jealousy and embarrassment. They can also sense the emotions of their human companions.

What’s more, even before these studies took place, Charles Darwin was able to discern a connection between emotions and animal behavior. Recently, animal behaviorists have also determined that facial expressions and body language in animals change depending on whether they’re doing something they enjoy versus something they don’t like (for example, being scolded). Continue…

Shoes, Sweat, and Dog Running Safety

Dog running safety is an important part of pet exercise safetyEvery dog owner knows that dogs need and enjoy a daily walk, but what about kicking it up a notch? Running is one of the most popular sports in the world, and can provide numerous health benefits for both people and pets. The dog running safety tips from your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital will help you figure out how to reap all the benefits of running together, with none of the hazards.

Wellness Alert

Just as humans are advised not to begin any exercise program without the go-ahead from their physician, your dog should have a wellness exam prior to starting a running regimen. Your veterinarian will make sure your dog is healthy enough for high impact activity, and that they have all of the necessary vaccines and parasite preventives to stay safe while outdoors. Continue…