Celebrating Our Nation’s Holiday with a Nod to Patriotic Pets

Patriotic pets are awesomeAlthough many of us view our pets as novel, the human-animal relationship has existed for ages and has helped to shape our modern society. Pets provide comfort, love, and laughter, but their acts of service over the years add up to an amazing accomplishment that has cemented the bond we share with them.

The United States is no stranger to the incredible feats and acts of service performed by companion animals. Whether they lend a paw in times of trouble, help humans with valuable tasks, or offer their calm and comforting presence, the services provided by these patriotic pets make our great country even better. Continue…

Made in the Shade: Why Pets Need Shade to Stay Safe

Pets need shade when it's hot outside.When it’s hotter than an oven out there, we all want to stay indoors and relax in the cool AC. With the intensity of the southwestern sun and our higher than average UV index, skin protection and heat exhaustion are major concerns, including for our pets.

Pets need shade, too. With the fur coat they wear, they’re particularly at risk during the summer because they do not have the same internal temperature mechanism, namely sweating, as humans. Instead, they rely on panting, staying hydrated, and getting away from the sun. It’s up to us to help them do this, which is why providing shade is so important to our animal friends. Continue…

First Mate: Our Guide to Fishing with Your Dog

Fishing with your dog is a lot of fun if your know outdoor pet safetySpending some quality hours on the lake with man’s best friend and a fishing pole sounds wonderful to many of us! But not every dog is cut out for this lazy lifestyle. Knowing how to be sure that your dog is safe while casting your pole is important. Schertz Animal Hospital has some tips to help fishing with your dog be an enjoyable experience.

Hazards of Fishing with Your Dog

As with many activities, knowing what hazards to look out for is half the battle. Understanding what challenges and dangers dog owners face when angling can help to make fishing with your dog a good experience for all.

Consider the dangers involved with: Continue…

What’s in a Name? Understanding Pet Food Labels

Understanding pet food labels is an important part of pet nutrition and pet healthTrends in food and diet will never end, even among pet foods. From expensive grain-free products to organic labels, it can be quite difficult to understand what your pet needs and why. And don’t even try reading the ingredients list! That’s a lot of cryptic stuff, right?

However, there is method to the madness of pet food labels, and there are key indicators to look for when choosing a healthy, well-balanced diet. To help you navigate the strange land of pet food labels, the team at Schertz Animal Hospital has put together some helpful suggestions. Continue…