What’s Fun and Free? Our DIY Pet Toys!

DIY pet toysWhile festive, the holiday season can also be expensive! With all the shopping and travel, the bills can certainly add up fast. When it comes to playtime and exercise with your companion, the pet toys you use don’t have to be costly at all – in fact, they can be free!

To help keep your options budget friendly, we have some great DIY pet toys that are sure to please your four-legged friend.


Kitty On the Potty: Can We Toilet Train Cats?

toilet train catsWe thought the self-cleaning litter box was pretty phenomenal when it hit the market, but now the chatter is more focused on potty-training felines. Yes, you read that right: no longer is it considered impossible to train cats to do anything anymore. And, if we can train cats to do something like crate train or walk on a leash, why wouldn’t we also toilet train cats?


What Makes Cats Anxious: Things  Your Cat Wishes You Knew

makes cats anxiousHave you ever considered the possibility that your cat is stressed out? Our homes may be peaceful and happy places for our cats most of the time but, like people, cats can become stressed or anxious from time to time. And, like people, how well they handle stress depends upon their inherent dispositions as well as the stressor itself. But what makes cats anxious?

Why consider cat anxiety? Again, just as in people, cat stress and anxiety can cause health problems. And, stressed kitties are more prone to behavioral issues that might result in re-homing, or worse yet, euthanasia.  Even with the best of intentions, you may be causing your cat stress without realizing it! Here’s what your cat wishes you knew.


Cut The Fat To Avoid Pancreatitis In Pets

pancreatitis in petsPicture this: a couple of hours after the big Thanksgiving meal you are settled comfortably in front of the football game when you notice some odd noises coming from the kitchen. You hurry in to see what’s going on and find your sweet, normally well-behaved dog greedily rummaging through the leftovers you’ve just thrown away.

This common scenario seems innocent enough, but high fat table scraps can lead to pancreatitis in pets, a scary condition that all pet owners should be aware of.

The Role Of The Pancreas

The pancreas is a glandular organ adjacent to the stomach and small intestine. Its role is to secrete digestive enzymes into the stomach and to produce insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar.

Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas becomes irritated and inflamed, disrupting its normal process. An inflamed pancreas secretes its digestive enzymes too early, which can result in tissue damage and/or death. Diabetes can also result due to the damaged pancreas’ inability to regulate insulin levels.