Breed All About It: Dog Breed Health Issues to Know About

dog breedStereotyping animal breeds is no different than stereotyping people. Pitbulls aren’t necessarily vicious creatures and not all toy poodles are purse dogs. There are definitely breed predispositions, though, that pet owners should be aware of, though. This is especially true if you are set on adding a certain breed to your family. So read on for more about pet breed issues that could affect you.

Schertz Animal Hospital thinks it’s important for animal lovers everywhere to recognize which breeds may be at higher risk for certain issues. After all, knowledge is power.


Question of the Week: What Makes a Good Dog?

goof dogDog owners everywhere can agree that dogs are truly wonderful creatures. The extraordinary bond we share with them goes back thousands of years, spanning a shared evolution that began in our hunter-gatherer origins and continues to this day.

Although we know that our dogs are spectacular creatures, the topic of whether or not a dog is “good” often comes up, leaving many of us to wonder what makes a good dog, and if our dogs fit the bill.


The Most Difficult Decision: Knowing When to Say Goodbye to a Pet

pet lossEvery night, he’s warmed the foot of your bed; each morning, he’s greeted you with a wagging tail and the leash, ready for another adventure…but for months now, things have been different. He no longer has the energy for those walks and often struggles with getting comfortable. He’s eating less. He’s spending more time alone…

Whether from the gradual progression of old age or from a sudden serious illness, there’s no greater turmoil in the heart of an owner when a pet is at the end of his or her life. This decision is among the toughest you will ever make, and it’s sometimes very hard to figure out when quality of life has been lost or the pain has become too great.

At Schertz Animal Hospital, we understand how hard this can be and want to help alleviate some of the burden when it’s time to say goodbye to a pet.


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Getting Your Cat’s Metabolism in Check: Hyperthyroidism in Cats

hyperthyroidism in catsThere are some problems that we diagnose more than others at Schertz Animal Hospital, and for middle-aged to older cats, thyroid dysfunction is at the top of the list. Our feline friends aren’t always good at telling us when they don’t feel well, and hyperthyroidism in cats is a perfect example of why wellness examinations and routine testing are of utmost importance for your pet.