Catnip-Crazed: Why Your Cat Goes Wild for the Green Stuff

catnipFrom “making biscuits” to a love for cardboard boxes, cats are renowned for their varied and eclectic array of mysterious behaviors. This is one of the reasons we love them so much!

For feline fanciers everywhere, one way to make our cats especially happy is to provide them with catnip. In many pets, catnip induces a state of bliss and encourages silly antics, from rolling around to pouncing at an imaginary mouse. But what exactly is catnip and why does it seem so enticing to our cat companions?


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Cat Behavior Training and Positive Reinforcement – It Works!

It may come as a surprise to most feline lovers, but cats are, in fact, trainable. Sure, your furry pal may not cozy up to tricks or appreciate the challenge of an agility course, but cats can and probably should be trained to some degree. Much like their canine counterparts, they respond well to reward based training.

Since many cats wind up in shelters due to behaviors like scratching, spraying, or roughhousing (biting, etc.), cat behavior training is not only important for their safety, it can also make for a healthier, happier pet.


Listening to Your Heart: Adopting a Pet with Special Needs

special needs petsWelcoming an adopted pet into your home can present a host of challenges under even the most straightforward circumstances. When you pick a four-legged friend, though, who has a complex history, things can be even more difficult. Adopting a pet with special needs can be extremely rewarding nevertheless.

Should you choose this path, Schertz Animal Hospital is here to help you make a home for your friend in need.

Adopting a Pet with Special Needs

Many pets who need homes have issues. Be it a chronic medical issue, special nutritional needs, advanced age, or an injury, it is important for you to know and understand what you are getting into.


Splish-Splash: Giving Your Pet a Bath

Giving your pet a bath may not make the list of great ways to spend a Saturday morning, but bathing is important to skin and coat health (and helps eliminate that doggy smell). For most pets, a biweekly or monthly bath, along with daily brushing, is part of good pet care. Even our feline friends can benefit from the occasional bath!

However, before you panic, Schertz has step-by-step instructions to make giving your pet a bath a positive experience for everyone.