The Wonder of Whiskers (And Why They’re Necessary)

Cats have them, dogs have them, and we may even jokingly refer to human chin stubble as whiskers, but did you know that whiskers play an important role in the life of your pet? While most people appreciate the aesthetics of long, wispy cat whiskers, they may not realize what their function is for both dogs and cats.

The team at Schertz thinks whiskers are pretty darn cute and oh so important to your pet’s wellbeing. Keep reading to learn why!


Do Pets Sweat?

Although most of us are familiar with that unpleasant sweaty feeling during the summer, many people probably don’t consider whether pets sweat. With all that fur, how would we even know if they do? And what would be the purpose?

The Schertz team tackles this very sweaty subject to help you understand how your cat or dog stays cool.

Pets Sweat…But Not Like Us

Being out in the backyard on a hot day probably seems pretty uncomfortable for you. As you turn to see what your pet is up to, you find him or her under a nearby tree, tongue out, and doing what dogs do: panting. While sweating isn’t the most enjoyable of experiences, the fact remains that humans have a great advantage over cats and dogs when it comes to our ability to cool down.


Is Bathing Your Pet Like a Day at the Spa?

pet bathingGiving the family dog an overly sudsy bath might be comedic gold in the movies, but the experience can also be fraught with frustration, fear, and overwhelming discomfort. Of course, you could wait until Fido gets sprayed by a skunk to figure out how to bathe him, but then you’d really have your work cut out for you! When it’s done well and with the right tools, bathing your pet can be an enriching, relaxing experience for both of you.


All Aboard! Your Guide to the Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Ever

Summer is here, and for many of us this means it’s vacation time! If you’re like most pet owners, you don’t relish the thought of leaving your dog behind while you travel. Besides worrying about how well your pet is being cared for, or if he or she is lonely, it can be hard knowing how much fun your pet would be having with you on vacation.

The folks at Schertz Animal Hospital understand your desire to bring your best pal with you everywhere you go, which is why we’ve come up with some dog-friendly vacation ideas that are sure to please even the most discerning pooch. Enjoy!