The Goody Bag: What to Know About Pets and Parties

pets and partiesA charmingly social pet can add a great deal of fun to any festive party. They’re cute, enthusiastic, and excellent subjects of conversation – if they’re well-behaved, that is. Not every pet is cut out for company, and not every person is tolerant of a four-legged party guest. Add to that a variety of things to get into (from balloons to tasty treats), pets and parties don’t always mix.

First Things First

Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday bash or attending a grown-up get together, it’s critical to have your pet’s ID tag secured to his or her collar. Also update any changes to your pet’s microchip, if necessary. Doing so may lead to a sweet reunion if your pet bolts out the door or chases something and gets lost.

Is Your Pet a Picky Eater? What to Do When Your Pet Won’t Eat

One thing we can count on from pets, especially from our canine companions, is a healthy appetite. In fact, with more than half of all household cats and dogs overweight, overeating can be a pressing problem. However, when a pet won’t eat or suddenly begins to lose weight, this can be a major red flag of an underlying health problem.

Common Reasons a Pet Won’t Eat

When a pet stops eating or is limiting their food intake, it can be quite a mystery and cause for concern. There are so many health issues that cause the symptom of inappetence, including:


Dogs Behaving Badly: Dogs Who Eat Poop

Dogs can be gross creatures at times, and most of us have seen our beloved pets do something a little repulsive. If you have been unfortunate enough to catch your dog raiding the litter box, munching on bunny droppings in the yard, or even cleaning up after himself, you may have been horrified.

Your friendly veterinarians at Schertz Animal Hospital want you to know, though, that you are not alone. Dogs who eat poop aren’t that unusual, and you shouldn’t spend much time worrying.


Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Cat Drool

Sometimes as a pet owner you find yourself asking questions that you never thought you would be asking. Wondering about why your feline friend is drooling might just fall into that category. Read on while Schertz Animal Hospital enlightens you on the topic of cat drool.

Cat Drool

Drool is part of life if you are a mammal. Cats and humans alike produce saliva in the salivary glands of the mouth. Saliva is an important part of digestive function, helping to moisten and break down food.


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