Bad Breath in Pets and Other Signs of Dental Problems

Do you cringe when your precious pup wants to give you a big doggy kiss? Does your cat’s breath smell like last week’s tuna? Bad breath in pets is one of the most ubiquitous dental problems among animals, but did you know it’s more than just a foul smell? In fact, bad breath is often the first thing pet owners notice when dental disease is present.

Beyond Bad Breath in Pets: Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions, affecting more than two-thirds of all pets by the age of 3.


Mine, Mine, Mine! Possessive Aggression in Dogs

You know that all-too-familiar feeling of not wanting to share your slice of cheesecake, lend your favorite sweater to a friend, or give up your go-to spot on the couch. Our animal friends experience this type of instinct as well, although they often handle it less gracefully than we do. Possessive aggression in dogs, also referred to as resource guarding, can be a real problem.

Schertz Animal Hospital wants you to know how to recognize this behavior and stop it in its tracks before it becomes a major issue.


Lifestyles of the Most Rich and Famous Pets

It’s easy to swoon over animals, but when they happen to be rich, famous, and all dolled up, it’s impossible not to get a little giddy. Animal talent has been around for decades, and scores of trained animals (from orcas to bears, cats to dogs) take their rightful places among the world’s favorite – and wealthiest – animals.

From talented animal actors to the overnight internet sensations, these famous pets have brought the world so much joy (and maybe a bit of envy).


The Keys to Successful Litter Box Training

SONY DSCMany cats take to litter box training like Labrador Retrievers take to water, but sometimes a bit of trial and error is necessary for success. Whether it’s inordinate spraying or another kind of resistance, we understand the frustration surrounding a cat who’s ignoring the box.

To support your cat’s education, health, and general happiness, we offer a few strategies guaranteed to get your cat on track.