Tell the Truth, Right Meow: Feline Facts and Fictions

jumping kitty in the gardenIn this day and age, we’re constantly amassing information. As we’ve seen lately, this pursuit can result in fake news or ideas that aren’t entirely true – and shared material on pet care is no exception. The spread of false information threatens the health of animals, but perhaps our feline friends suffer the most. As a result, your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital hope to dispel some common feline myths and spotlight the best feline facts.


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Credible Pet Medical Information in the Age of the Internet

Kitty Bath TimeCommunity libraries used to be the hotspot for information, wherein rows and rows of shelves buckled beneath the weight of encyclopedias and other research books. And these books weren’t in general circulation; instead, you could visit them and make copies of pertinent pages.

While the library remains an important place for learning, the worldwide web has streamlined the dissemination of information.


Brainy Breeds: Measuring Canine Intelligence

Papillion in beanieWhen it comes to canine intelligence, most dog owners have anecdotal evidence as to why their dogs are at the top of the class. While we certainly believe you, there are some breeds that have been determined to have a greater capacity for learning and performing tasks.

Whether it’s herding large flocks of sheep or becoming a certified assistance dog, their ability to learn quickly and respond to human cues have made canines indispensable companions.

So what makes a dog smart, and is there more to canine intelligence than meets the eye?


It’s Been A Wild Ride: Our Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of the Year

Child playing with his dogFrom technical pet care blogs about nail trimming or dental care basics, to the more entertaining ones about tasty DIY treats or ideal pet gear, we hope it’s clear that Schertz Animal Hospital cares about your pet. Every week we strive to complete relevant, interesting, and timely pet care blogs that not only help you better care for your furry friend, but become an active member of our pet-loving community.

Undoubtedly, our modern world is built on acquiring information, but it’s vital that our readers and clients get accurate information as well. We wrote and posted our pet care blogs, and whether you knew it or not, your mouse clicks, scrolling, and sharing informed us about what interests you the most.