A Primer on Poop: Pet Fecal Testing

Using a microscopeWhile you might dutifully bring in a specimen each time we remind you that your pet is due for his or her stool check, chances are you don’t know how important that little stinky sample truly is.

Schertz Animal Hospital thinks that pet fecal testing is an integral part of a good wellness care program. Here’s why…

The Reason for Pet Fecal Testing

When we test a stool sample, parasites are the name of the game. Parasitic loads in pets are more common than you might think, and the microscopic nature of many of them can make detection difficult.


Safe Ways to Include Your Pet This Thanksgiving

Begging for the Holiday FeastFor humans, the holidays can be a heartwarming time of year. However, as your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital point out, turkey time can present food safety dangers along with other safety concerns for pets.

This can be disappointing when so many of us have pawed and whiskered family members we don’t want to leave out. But, don’t despair. The holidays do offer us a chance to come up with some new traditions that are creative, pet-friendly, and oh so fun.


When Good Ears Go Bad: Common Pet Ear Problems

selfie happy dogPet ear problems come in all shapes and forms. Whether they be stinky, itchy, swollen, painful, red, or all of the above, learn all about ear issues and how you and Schertz Animal Hospital can work together as a team to stop pet ear problems in their tracks.

Common Pet Ear Problems

There is a myriad of things that may cause trouble in the ears, though some are more common than others. Many pet ear problems can appear similar, so it is always important that we examine a pet who is showing signs of a problem, in order to make a correct diagnosis.