Understanding Cat Bites and Learning How to Respond

Ginger cat bites woman's hand.Based on the books, the movie franchise “How To Train Your Dragon” encapsulates the wonder and awe people typically have for majestic creatures. Not unlike a fire-breathing reptile, cats may also have a propensity to show their wild side. By this, we mean showing their teeth, of course!

Just when you thought you had feline behavior down pat, bites from your frisky pet leave you wondering yet again. Is it feline aggression or triggered anxiety? Is it the result of just a little harmless feline fun?

Let’s find out! Continue…

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Bug Off! Why Pets Need Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

mosquito silhouette on concrete textured surfaceFor many of us, mosquitoes are only troublesome in the spring and summer…right? Well, scratch that (pun intended)! The risks associated with mosquitoes and other parasites are present 365 days a year, making year-round heartworm prevention essential.

The Perils of Pesky Mosquitoes

Sure, mosquitoes are annoying, but they also transmit heartworm disease, which can be fatal to our pets. Heartworms invade the vital organs, most notably the arteries around the heart and lungs. Continue…

A Pain in the Rear: Anal Gland Problems in Pets

Veterinary consultationMany of us can identify the familiar stench of a skunk, but did you know your pet has anal gland sacs that can produce an equally strong aroma?

Anal sacs are found in the rectum and contain a liquid that’s secreted during bowel movements or when a pet is scared. This substance defines the animal’s presence and territory, acting as a type of stinky calling card for other animals.

While some creatures, like skunks, can intentionally spray or emit this fluid, our pets cannot. That’s why anal gland expression and health is so important. Continue…

Cat Anxiety: Helping Your Pet Cope

ULVH_DCAH_iStock_000080686561_LargeAsk any feline fancier what he or she dreads most, and the answer is usually car trips or vet visits. This is particularly true when cat anxiety leads to hiding or leaping out of reach. Unfortunately, this fear means many cats go without consistent veterinary care, which is essential to health, longevity, pain management, and early detection.

If your feline struggles with travel or exam anxiety, Schertz Animal Hospital is here to help. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips for how to deal with cat anxiety to lessen stress and discomfort for everyone. Continue…

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