Cat Nip: Cat Bites and How to Prevent Them

Closeup of tabby cat faceWhen cats bite, it is nothing to mess around with. Cat bites can be extremely painful and have been known to lead to very serious infections. So how can cat owners keep themselves safe and steer clear of those pearly white? A little education goes a long way. Most cat bites are preventable. Keep reading to be sure that you know how to protect yourself and your family.

When Good Cats Bite

Biting is a natural part of cat behavior. Even during play, you can witness feline friends wrestling, swatting, and nipping. During these behaviors they are developing their hunting skills and exerting their social muscles. This type of play is most commonly seen in kittens, but cats of all ages engage. Continue…

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Dog Bite Awareness

iStock_000013392500_LargeWhen you consider a dog who is likely to bite, what comes to mind? If you thought of aggressive behavior, you would not be the only one with this idea. However, the truth about dog bite scenarios is more complicated, and the warning signs are often more subtle.

Fearful Dogs and Breed Discrimination

Whether it stems from bad press or is rooted in our assumptions about “guard dogs,” certain breeds are more feared than others. Realistically, all dogs have the capacity to bite when they have not been trained or socialized. In fact, there are many small or toy breeds that are considered more likely to bite. When it comes to children (who are commonly the victims of dog bites), a small dog can inflict serious injuries. Continue…

Foxtails and Other Plants That Can Harm Your Pet

Green foxtailAs the weather warms, oftentimes the attention of concerned pet owners is on springtime dangers like venomous snakes and disease carrying parasites. But, one hidden danger may come as a surprise, and that is foxtails.

What Are Foxtails?

Foxtails are a common plant most recognize by their bushy ends that resemble fox tails. While not all of these grasses are dangerous, one genus in particular poses health risks to pets, and that is hordeum. Continue…

Keep Your Pet Hydrated During the Dog Days of Summer

Schertz_iStock_000046783346_MediumThe enduring summer heat can take its toll on all of our fur friends, particularly senior pets. With high temps and unrelenting UV rays, summer pet safety relies on keeping your pet hydrated and out of the midday heat.

Understanding how much water your pet needs each day is another important aspect to ensure hydration and health. Like us, many of our cat and dog family members do not consume enough fresh H2O. For most pet owners, in fact, the amount of water their pets should drink is somewhat elusive. Continue…