Tight Quarters: Successfully Living in an Apartment With a Pet

Schertz_iStock_000077389827_LargeThere’s a lot to love about living in a small space…but what about sharing an apartment with a pet? While not the perfect environment for some breeds, apartments can be a wonderful fit for most pets. With preparation and organization, the team at Schertz Animal Hospital is confident that you and your pet can live happily ever after in a small space.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

If you have a pet and are looking to downsize or you currently live in an apartment and want to adopt a pet, you must consult with your landlord before doing anything. Many pets are surrendered every year because of changes in a living situation, making the transparency of your wishes vital to a pet’s future. Continue…

Pet Psychology: Getting Inside Your Pet’s Head

Schertz_iStock_000021001755_Large (1)For a substantial part of human history, people thought that nuanced emotions like joy, empathy, and despair were specific to the human race. However, if there’s anything companion animals teach us, it’s that they feel – and feel quite deeply.

Thanks to current trends involving the anthropomorphizing of animals, as well as the scientific data to back it up, it has become common knowledge that animals feel pain and common emotions just as people do. But just how do they think…? And what do they think about? Continue…

The Buzz on Pet Parasite Prevention

Mastiff in gardenFleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests are an unavoidable part of life in a coastal climate. With our mild Texas winters and the early arrival of spring, parasite prevention should be on the mind of every pet parent.

The Trouble With Parasites

After getting bitten by a mosquito or an unwelcome tick, it’s easy to understand why we loathe most pests. However, dealing with an itchy bite is less concerning than the more troublesome diseases parasites commonly carry. Continue…