Overfeeding Your Pet: Choose Affection and Attention Instead

Lazy cat lying under the dish drainer in the kitchen
The way to our hearts is through our stomachs…honestly, who can resist a home cooked meal or an especially tasty dessert? Even a well-timed snack can make us jump for joy.

However, while your pet may share your enthusiasm for food, indulging in an extra treat or two can render a carefully balanced diet obsolete. Overfeeding your pet is not the way to show love – even though it feels good to please those doleful, begging eyes.

Employing lots of attention and displays of affection, Schertz Animal Hospital offers ideas to prove your love without adding any extra calories.

The Downside of Overfeeding Your Pet

Your pet depends on you for a lot of things, but a proper diet is critical to his or her health and longevity. Overfeeding your pet can lead to obesity and illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis. If your pet is obese or overweight, he or she is likely to be more tired and therefore less active. However, a slimmer pet can run and jump for what seems like hours, achieving a happier state of mind overall.   Continue…

Homeopathic Pet Remedies: Too Good or Too Good to Be True?

Dog mouth with excellent white teethPeople are more aware than ever before of their medical options, and pet care is not excluded from this. Owners are continually seeking out different opinions and options for their pet’s care. Many have turned to homeopathy in their quest for new solutions for their pet’s problems.

Homeopathy is not a new thing. It was first created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, who believed that if something caused symptoms of a disease in healthy people, it would cure people with that particular disease.

Today, homeopathic pet remedies abound. If you spend some time doing a web search, chances are that you won’t have any trouble finding a few dozen alternative “cures” for whatever ails your pet. Just because these options are out there, though, doesn’t make them effective or even safe. Keep reading to learn more about homeopathic pet remedies and what you need to know. Continue…

Pet Dental Exams: More Than Just a Pretty Smile

Puppy Getting His Teeth BrushedOne of the most overlooked yet important areas of pet health and longevity is the quality of dental health provided. And, yet many pet owners make the mistake of assuming that oral hygiene and pet dental exams aren’t as fundamentally necessary as something like vaccinations or diet.

Further to this, there are some misconceptions about what dental exams entail – are cleanings just to make teeth whiter, for example?

In order to help pet parents navigate these concerns, we’ll take a closer look at what dental exams are and why they are needed. Continue…

Sharpening Those Claws: Training Cats to Scratch on Our Terms


Schertz_Clairmont_iStock_000078750033_MediumAs we learn more and more about the feline species, we are understanding more and more about a cat’s fundamental need to scratch. Cats scratch to keep their claws healthy, to mark territory with scent and visual cues, to exercise, and to feel that good, comforting stretch.

When we bring our cats indoors, however, scratching behaviors can be troublesome to us. Training cats to scratch on our terms is an important part of living peacefully together with our feline family members. Continue…