Dog Food for Thought

Schertz_iStock_000002977378_Large-1.jpgOur canine friends love to eat, but trying to pick a new dog food can be difficult for owners. You could spend hours reviewing the labels and ingredient lists, not to mention wincing at the price of some of the more popular brands.

So how does one choose a well-balanced dog food that’s also easy on the pocketbook? Ideally, proper nutrition and benefits to health and dental wellness are the leading concerns when it comes to picking the right dog food. Let’s take a moment to discuss some other strategies and concerns related to finding the best food for your four-legged friend. Continue…

More Love To Give: Why Adopting A Senior Pet Is A Good Choice

Schertz_iStock_000008134278_Large.jpgThere are usually extenuating circumstances that lead to the surrender of a pet, and whether it’s military deployment, divorce, relocation, or inability to pay for care, millions of senior pets languish in shelters every year. Can you imagine one day receiving meals, naps, and attention like always, only to wake up the next day in a shockingly unfamiliar shelter? It’s a nightmarish scenario for any pet, but for an aging or elderly pet, waiting and hoping to go back home may be even more painful.

Luckily for senior pets – and all of their prospective owners – there is new and developing research in full support of senior pet companionship. If you’ve been wondering if adopting a senior pet is for you, we’ve got your bases covered! Continue…

What You Need to Know About the Rise in Pet Diabetes

Schertz_iStock_000056395234_Large.jpgAlthough most of us understand that diabetes among humans has been on the rise for the past few decades, few pet owners know that pet diabetes has also become prevalent.

Although there are a spectrum of health factors to predispose a cat or dog to diabetes, the strongest link remains obesity.

In observance of Pet Diabetes Month, we will address some of the contributors to this national pet health problem, as well as what you can do to prevent your best friend from developing the disease. Continue…