There’s No Place Like Home: Pet Microchipping

veterinary careUnfortunately, we all know the drill: You frantically drive all over your neighborhood calling and searching for your lost pet. Of course you post notices online and in the paper and stick pictures and flyers everywhere, even offering a reward. You visit all the shelters. You probably call everyone you know to help. If you and your pet are lucky, he or she turns up, none the worse for the adventure. If you are unlucky, your pet is gone forever and you may never know what happened to your best friend. Continue…

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Do You Resemble Your Dog? Pet and Owner Look-Alikes


Schertz_iStock_000016880420_LargeAt some point, you may have thought a neighbor or coworker bore a striking resemblance to his (or her) Bulldog. While animal and human similarities can be entertaining to think about, it isn’t all just fun and games, though. In fact there may be some science behind pet and owner look-alikes.

Not Just Chance

It may seem far-fetched that pet and owner look-alikes are more than a coincidence. Continue…

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Brushing Up On Pet Vaccines

Schertz_iStock_000019667599_Large (1)Vaccinations have been under a cultural microscope the last few years, and, for some pet owners, the doubts cast by anti-vaccine advocates have been powerful and far-reaching. However, this simple truth prevails: veterinary vaccinations continue to protect pets, and people, from serious infectious diseases.

Join us to learn more about your pet’s vaccine requirements, what the vaccines protect against, and when immunization boosters are needed down the road. Continue…

Baby Steps: The Principles of Puppy Training

Schertz_iStock_000041985826_LargeThere’s no doubt about it, adopting a puppy into your home is a joyous and hectic time. There are plenty of puppy eyes and oopsies as your little one learns the ropes of his or her new home and family, but without proper puppy training and socialization, he or she may not become the furry family member you’ve been dreaming of. Continue…