Hit The Road: Pet Travel Tips

travelSpring break and summer vacations are right around the corner and, while many dogs enjoy car rides, some pets may be apprehensive about road trips or airplane travel. Bringing your best pal along can have joyful results (so many new smells!), but there are numerous important – and mandatory – pre-requisites to safe, positive pet travel.

To support your pet’s comfort and safety while away from home, we offer the following tidbits: Continue…


How Pet Laser Therapy Can Alleviate Pain and Speed Up Recovery

Schertz_iStock_000014701110_XXXLargeNew advancements in post-operative recovery, pain management, and treatment options for age-related conditions have enhanced traditional treatment options and encouraged faster healing. Cold laser therapy is one such technology that has had incredible benefits where we once relied on scalpel surgery and medication alone.

While laser therapy may sound a little “sci-fi”, many pet owners are happy to learn that this form of treatment is non-invasive, pain-free, and effective. Because there are no side-effects, it can be safely used in conjunction with other pain management modalities.

So, you might wonder what laser therapy is, exactly, and how it can help your pet… Continue…

The Clear View: The Truth About Pet Poisonings

Schertz_iStock_000019826952_LargeThe common combination of a pet’s insatiable curiosity, paired with relatively easy access to forbidden toxic chemicals or ingredients, can create dangerous situations – and devastating outcomes.

The frequency of pet poisonings is high enough to warrant not only an entire month dedicated to raising awareness, but March 15-21 receives national distinction as Pet Poison Prevention Week. As a result, we strive to shed light on the dangers and preventive measures for pet owners to best protect their pets. Continue…

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