Counting Down Schertz Animal Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2014

MushroomCatWe have certainly covered a lot of pet health related topics during 2014, and it has been our pleasure to write about the issues that matter most to our readers. After all, most of us turn to the internet to answer some of our day-to-day pet health questions, to inform us on what to expect when it comes to our pets’ life stages, and to get information on more common challenges of pet ownership.

While blogs can never provide the same level of informed diagnosis and care that a one-on-one visit with your veterinarian can, they can help families understand the issues of pet care that many of us face, whether we have a new puppy or a senior cat.

That said… here are the most commonly read posts from 2014! Continue…

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (To Spend With Your Pet)

iStock_000052726238_MediumThe holidays can be truly magical with all the twinkling lights, enchanting gingerbread houses, galloping reindeer hooves, and more. If you weren’t able to attend the Festival of Angels this year, hopefully your sense of nostalgia transported your imagination to a far-away, snow-covered, elf-filled fantasy land. But, in all of your holiday fulfillment, what is your pet up to? Chances are, your pet may need some extra time with you if you’ve been busy shopping or attending events this holiday season.

Your friends at Schertz Animal Hospital have brainstormed some of the ways you can bond with your pet during the holidays. Try to carve out some time for your best bud – it will truly be the best present of all, and the most appreciated. Continue…

Tail-Wagging, Meow-Inspiring Gift Ideas for Pets

iStock_000051511110_LargeWhile your family tears into those brightly-wrapped gifts during your family’s festive gathering, you may also witness the sad faces of forlorn pets who also want to participate in the merriment. And, if you are like the majority of pet owners in the United States who buy their pets gifts, your pet may just be in luck!

However, shopping for a pampered or dieting pet may prove to be a challenge, as you might be trying to escape the usual array of chew toys and treats. When our pets have so much, we might ask ourselves “What should we get our pets this season?” or “What unique something-something will have them spinning in circles?”.

That’s why your Schertz team has taken the time to come up with an eclectic list of gift ideas for the pet (and the pet family) who seeks something a little different this year. Continue…

Winter Safety and Your Pet

iStock_000035347986_LargeTypically, when we think about winter risks and worries, we often associate such problems with those who reside in colder, snowier climates. After all, it’s mild in Texas – so winter is no problem, right?

And, while this is partially true when it comes the consistent deep freeze and snow storm risk of more northern states, there are times when our region’s temps dip into the 20s or are consistently below 40 degrees at night. Aside from the cold temperature risk to pets, and especially small, smooth-coated breeds and senior pets, there are also seasonal pet considerations that can fall by the wayside in the busy holiday frenzy.

Before getting lost in the holly jolly schedule of parties, shopping, and travel, make sure you’ve covered all of these seasonal issues that might risk your pet’s comfort, health, and general safety. Continue…

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