DIY Dog Agility Training: Unleashing the Champ in Your Dog

iStock_000005911449_MediumThe days are getting shorter and outdoor temperatures are finally inching closer to being reasonable and even comfortable. The change in seasons (although subtle here in Schertz) is a welcome respite for many pet owners who are constantly preoccupied with heat stroke and dehydration risks during the hotter months.

With some of the seasonal health risks suspended, we recommend creating an agility course for you and your dog to enjoy. Not only does it provide an opportunity to increase activity levels (for you, the handler, and your dog) but it reinforces the bond and love between you.

The History of Agility Training

While not the oldest form of canine training, agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the United States. Agility competitions began in the United Kingdom in 1978 with popularity across the Atlantic growing over the following two decades. Currently, there are more than 2,000 AKC competitions across the U.S. since trials officially began in 1994. Continue…

Halloween Pet Safety – What You Should Know

Halloween party dogHalloween is a lot of fun for lots of people – and their pets! The costumes, parties, treats, haunted houses, and pranks are all part of a recipe to make funny Halloween memories. Who doesn’t want to see a dachshund dressed up like a hot dog, right? But not everyone – human and animal alike – finds the ghouls and goblins so thrilling.

This Halloween season, pet owners can prevent dangerous situations for their pet and be on the lookout for the ways that their pet could find trouble. It’s wonderful to include your pet if you have confidence in their comfort and enjoyment of the holiday, but be aware of the following safety precautions: Continue…

Adopting a Shelter Pet

Бездомни кучета – осиновяване - каWhen you decide to welcome a new, furry family member into your home, an exciting stage of your life begins. Whether you are new to owning a pet, or have had many pets in your life, pet ownership is an incredibly fulfilling experience that brings about a certain excitement and anticipation.

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet month, making this month the perfect time to find your new fuzzy family member  at your local animal shelter. There are a number of animal shelters within the Schertz community where you can find a variety of pets in need of a forever family.

Adopting a pet from a local shelter are numerous, and include: Continue…