Pet Ownership 101: 10 Things Every First-Time Dog Owner Should Know

iStock_000038368526_MediumWhether you’re a college student or senior citizen, adopting your first dog is a momentous and exciting experience. No doubt you’ve got your new best friend’s food and bowls, bag of treats, new leash and collar, and shiny toys ready to go. But fun and kibble aren’t the only the responsibilities of being a good pet owner.

While lots of love and good nutrition are certainly an important part of pet ownership, it’s also important to consider how your new four-legged friend will impact your home and life, and plan accordingly.

These 10 pointers will help you begin your new life as a pet owner and provide the best care possible to your pet. Continue…

Flexi-leads: The Hidden Dangers of Retractable Leashes

iStock_000007324288_MediumFor many pet owners, taking your dog for a walk is part of your daily routine. However, finding the perfect leash to fit your dog’s weight, height and walking pace can be a challenge.

Because of this, many pet owners turn to flexi-leads (retractable leashes). Because retractable leashes can offer a little more ease for the operator and freedom for the pet they may seem like the ideal choice, but flexi-leads can be quite dangerous, to both pets and pet owners.

Flexi-lead Dangers for Pets

Knowing the dangers that accompany flexi-leads will help save you and your pet from some very painful, and even life-threatening, situations. While on a flexi-lead, your pet could face serious threats such as: Continue…