Surf and Sun: Swimming and Boating with Your Dog

Dog in the beachLet’s face it; we live in an amazing place with fun-in-the-sun boating opportunities surrounding us, from green-blue lakes to the wild Gulf Coast. So, it is understandable why we love our time on the water during the hottest months of the summer scorch. So Grab the cooler! Bring the family! And, of course, bring the family dog, too!

Our dogs do love to accompany us on these journeys to the lake or seashore. But, there are some risks associated with water and our pets. Before you stow away your friend’s dog bowl, here are some of the safety measures you can take to make your pet’s time on the water a memorable, fun-filled experience.

First, the Float!

By float, we mean Pet Floatation Device or PFD. That’s right! There are PFDs made specifically for dogs of all sizes and work quite like our own life jackets. It’s important to understand that dogs, like us, get tired in the water. PFDs should be worn at all times near the water, whether on the dock or in the boat. Continue…

Diet and Pet Dental Health

Bowl of Dog FoodMany pet owners are interested in learning about different ways to keep their pet’s teeth clean and healthy. With most animals having some form of dental disease before the age of 3, this is a very important goal. In response to this need, there are a plethora of products on the market that claim to improve pet dental health. Some of these really do help, and others not so much. Sort through the fact and fiction before purchasing dental products for your pets.

The Dry Food vs. Wet Food Debate

There is a much perpetuated idea out there that feeding your pet hard kibble helps to prevent and decrease dental disease. While chewing on a crunchy food might help to remove plaque on the crown of the tooth, it does nothing about the plaque and tartar that build up near the gum line, which is the critical area for dental disease development. Continue…

Pets and People Food

MushroomCatWhether you are planning an adventure in DIY pet treats or considering giving into those adoring eyes just waiting for your last bite of breakfast, it’s important to know which people foods are safe for your pets to eat, and which are not.

Our pets don’t always know which foods will make them sick (as evidenced by the Hershey Kisses foil you’ve found scattered across your floor the morning after Valentine’s Day)… this means that you need to know for them, and do your best to protect them from the foods that can make them ill.

But there are some foods that are good for your pet, too. Foods that can boost their health and improve their overall wellness; and it’s good to know about those foods, too.

Understand what’s what when it comes to pets and people food, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Continue…

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

iStock_000030580774_SmallWhile we all hope a disaster never strikes, it’s still important that we prepare for the unexpected. As many of us know, having an emergency plan in place is the first step when it comes to keeping our family safe in an emergency or natural disaster – but does your plan include consideration for your pets? After all, your pets are family too; and the same planning you make for your human family should be extended to your furry-family as well.

A little common sense when you’re feeling calm and collected can go a long way when it comes to disaster preparedness for pets. However, it’s unlikely that you will think of everything without a little help from your trusted friends at Schertz Animal Hospital…

With that in mind, as you make contingency plans for your beloved pets, be sure to consider the following: Continue…