Fourth of July Pet Safety



Summer is here and you may be eagerly anticipating the Fourth of July. Known for being a laid-back holiday full of friends, family, and fun, many of us enjoy spending time with our pets as well. Be sure to steer clear of common pet pitfalls by keeping these Fourth of July pet safety tips in mind, so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

Fourth of July Pet Safety at Holiday Picnics and Barbeques

Some pets do better than others at large gatherings. Consider your pet’s personality before bringing him or her along to the Fourth of July festivities. If you are hosting, be sure that your pet has a place to retreat from the commotion. During the party, be on the lookout for:

Potential Pet Toxins – Chocolate, alcohol, and the artificial sweetener xylitol are all commonly found at gatherings and are toxic to pets if ingested. Keep an eye on your pet to be sure that he or she does not ingest anything that could be harmful. Continue…

Summer Tips for Senior Pets

iStock_000038423340_SmallDid you realize that most pets are considered seniors after the age of seven? While your older pet probably has a lot of life left in him or her, chances are good that your four-legged has some special needs that should be addressed; even if you don’t realize it. Though it is hard to admit that our pets are seniors, understanding and acknowledging their special needs can help your faithful friend to live a fuller, happier, and possibly even longer life.

Summer can be an especially difficult time for senior pets. Hot temperatures and increased activity levels can be challenging for older dogs and cats. Be sure to take those factors into consideration as you enjoy this summer with your pets. Continue…

Putting Together a Pet First-Aid Kit

first aid dogAre you prepared to handle an emergency situation involving your pets? While we hope that you never have a pet emergency, a little preparation can go a long way in helping you have the confidence that you need to handle any pet-related crisis that may come your way.

Take some time to prepare yourself just in case your pet ever needs your help. You pet, and your future self, will thank you.

Put Together a Pet First-Aid Kit

Having the necessary supplies can be extremely helpful when dealing with pet emergencies. Putting together a small pet first-aid kit for your home and car can be very valuable, and save you precious time when it matters the most. A small tackle or tool box works perfectly for this purpose.

Be sure to include: Continue…