Road Trip Safety for Pets

SONY DSCYour pet is a part of your family, so when it’s time to take that summer road-trip you, naturally, want to include your pet in the vacation. More than likely, your pet will enjoy his or her time on the road, but you’ll need to take a few precautions to ensure that your pet’s experience in the car is a positive one. Here are our tips when it comes to road trip safety for pets.

Car Restraints

Just as you and your family are expected to be safely restrained on that long car ride, the same should go for your pet. Leaving a pet unharnessed or unrestrained in the car could allow for a number of problems; such as moving from seat to seat during travel or jumping into the driver’s lap as the car speeds down the interstate. Either of these situations could cause a major accident that would not only endanger your own family but also the lives of other innocent people.

Rest Stops and Water Breaks

Even humans need plenty of rest stops during long car rides, and your pet is no different. Give your pet the chance to answer the call of nature, stretch his or her legs, and drink some water in order to stay hydrated and feeling refreshed. Taking your pet for a short walk at the rest area is a good way to keep your pet happy and less stressed about his or her time in the car. You may also want to look for dog parks and pet-friendly rest stops, instead of letting your dog out at the gas station parking lot. Continue…

How to Make Pet Boarding a Success

iStock_000017437440_SmallIf you’re planning a vacation this summer, it’s likely you’ll be leaving your pet in the caring and capable hands of a pet boarding facility, such as our own. However, boarding your pet can cause some anxiety, both for you and your pets. As you prepare to say bon voyage to your four-legged friend, you’ll want to make sure your pet has everything he or she needs to be comfortable and enjoy the time away from home.

Here are a few things to consider when planning for your pet’s stay:

  • Comfort Items – Many pets do better with boarding when they have a little something with them that reminds them of home. Packing something that smells like you will help your pet transition from home to boarding a little more smoothly. A familiar blanket, an old, un-laundered shirt, or even a familiar toy will usually do the trick. Your pet will appreciate having something with him as a reminder of home and you. A word of caution, though; don’t send your pet’s favorite blankets or toys. We can’t guarantee that whatever you send will be returned, nor do you want your pet to start a turf war over a favorite toy. Pick an item that is familiar, yet can be considered as “sacrificial”.
  • Continue…

    Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss

    LookoutFor many pet owners, nothing is more difficult than saying our final good-byes to our faithful, four-legged family members. From making hard decisions regarding end-of-life care, to surviving the days, weeks, and months ahead, the death of a pet can be difficult for even the most stoic of hearts to overcome.

    Many pet owners don’t realize that the grieving process is just as real, and can often take just as much time, for the loss of an animal companion as it is for a human companion. This is, in part, because most people don’t take the time to truly celebrate their pet’s life as they would for a personal friend.

    But taking the time to honor your pet’s life and the time you shared together is an important part of grieving. And while it’s not always necessary to have a full-scale funeral for your pet (although you could, if you wanted too), there are many ways you can pay tribute to your pet when the time is right for you. Continue…

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    Keeping Everyone Safe: Kids and Pets

    Closeup portrait boy with puppyMost children seem to have a natural affection for pets. For many of us, it’s not uncommon to see kids of all ages wanting to “pet the kitty” or “play with the doggy,” even if they have a pet of their own at home.

    But it’s important to remember that children don’t come with an innate understanding of how to handle and interact with pets safely. Even if there has been a pet in the home since birth, as parents (and pet parents), we need to guide children toward understanding that messing with the pretty kitty or funny puppy can have consequences.

    Safety Around Pets

    Even the most well-mannered dog or cat can be easily spooked by an overly-enthusiastic youngster invading its space, even if the child is family. Because of this, it’s important to teach children how to interact with pets, and that gentleness, compassion, and a certain degree of caution are vitally Continue…