Reasons To Use Dog Diapers

If you’ve had kids or have friends who do, you have likely been through a diaper experience. Did you know there are a variety of reasons for pets to wear diapers, too? Believe it or not, there are products made especially for dogs. 

At Schertz Animal Hospital, we want all of our pet patients to live their lives to the fullest, and in some cases this may mean using dog diapers! 

What Are Dog Diapers?

First things first. What are dog diapers? Simply put, they are almost exactly like baby diapers, but with a hole for the dog’s tail. Cloth dog diapers cost a bit more up front but are reusable and better for the environment. Disposable diapers are easy to use, but will end up in the landfill, plus the cost adds up over time. 


Bumps on the Skin: When to Worry About Your Pet

Just about every pet will experience some sort of lump or bump in their lifetime. Be it a skin infection, warty growth, or a nasty tumor, it is difficult to know when to worry and when to chalk a new bump up to a healing injury or age. 

Schertz Animal Hospital knows that bumps on the skin is a common problem pet owners identify and worry about. A little information on how to know when to be concerned can be very helpful in getting appropriate care when necessary and settling your mind when it comes to your sweet baby.


So, Your Dog Eats Cat Poop?

Do you have a peaceable kingdom made up of dogs and cats in your household? If so, you may not mind the cats sleeping on the dog beds, and the dogs playing with cat toys. All in all, the joys of having a mixed household of dogs and cats is great. 

Except for when your dog eats cat poop

It’s amazing how much dogs like this, and to what lengths they will go to be able to do so. But if you’re tired of the litter on the lips, the potty breath, and the general “eww” factor, stay tuned. Schertz Animal Hospital shares how to solve the problem of dogs in the litter box.


Think Twice About Leaving Dogs in Parked Cars

A floofy dog locked inside a car with the windows up

You’re driving in the car with your dog and realize you need to pick up a loaf of bread on your way home. Obviously you can’t bring your dog into the store, and you really don’t want to have to make another trip. 

It’s not too hot out” you reason. 

I’ll park in the shade.

I’ll leave the windows down-ish.

I’ll only be gone for a few minutes.”

Unfortunately for your pup, that quick errand can become a tragedy in as little as a few minutes. The team at Schertz Animal Hospital wants to shed some light on why leaving dogs in parked cars is never a good idea, regardless of the time of year.