Dog Grooming at Home: A Little Goes a Long Way

Has your dog been looking a little…shall we say, shaggy, lately? It may be time for some dog grooming at home. Dog grooming at home can be enjoyable for both of you and can go a long way to supporting good health.

Grooming not only reduces shedding, it also keeps you in touch with your pet’s normal body condition. A regular once over allows you to better notice changes in weight, coat, and skin. In turn, you can seek advice and treatment earlier, resulting in better health for your beloved friend.


Achieving a Super Smile: Do Pet Dental Products Really Work?

pet dentalThe Veterinary Oral Health Council endorses certain pet dental products that have undergone strict protocols for approval. Aimed to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth, these products can also be instrumental in keeping overall health at its peak. But when you look at the extensive list of chews, rinses, diets, and treats, which pet dental products are right for your pet?


Nama-sit, Nama-stay: All About Yoga with Pets

If you haven’t heard about cat yoga, dog yoga (also known as doga), or even goat yoga, you may have been living under a rock lately. Yoga with pets is emerging as a fun way to connect with animals and, in some cases, as an outlet for adoption.

With the passion that both animal lovers and yoga enthusiasts share for their respective obsessions, yoga with pets seems like the logical next step in combining fun, exercise, and relaxation that both yoga and pets can bring to our lives.


Having Kittens? Your Guide to Your Furry Bundles of Joy

having kittensAh, the miracle of life! At Schertz Animal Hospital, we think that what makes life even more wonderful is when you are expecting little, fuzzy faces and whiskers!

Cats are pros at having kittens, but when it is your cat having them, it is only natural to be a little apprehensive about the whole process. Understanding feline gestation and the process of having kittens can help you feel more confident and steer clear of any mishaps.